In Development


Scotland – In development with Ross Mackay and his award winning company of nuanced puppeteers and visual storytelling, Ross Mackay and Suzie Miller are creating a festival work for 12 audience members at a time whereby they are taken back in time to a Victorian séance conducted for a jury on a murder trial. The work is supported by the National Theatre of Scotland who invited the artists to a residency in Glasgow Scotland – Cove Park – where the artists spent a week creating ideas and incorporated MacKay’s experience as a magician to develop scenes and an exciting concept for the piece. Click here to view the work of Ross and his team at Tortoise in a Nutshell based in Scotland here.



In development right now is the exciting 2 actor work based on interrogation in its many forms – self, relationship, reason for being here, lifestyle, secrets and right up to a terrifying overseas customs interrogation.

Set over 2 spaces simultaneously choreographer/director/ performer Danielle Micah accompanied by Humphrey Bower, with the assistance of Kate Champion of Force Majeure, and written by Suzie Miller are creating a work which will interact with projection, sound and a specific space using text in imaginative ways to create a unique festival piece. Co produced with Western Australian Performing Lines this exciting show will premier at the WA State Theatre in 2014.



Co production with Night Parrot to create a unique work that combines live performance with extraordinary projections over large building sites in major cities. Still at development stage, a dynamic creative team is in residence at National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney Australia to workshop text improvisation, and movement interaction with projected photographs and moving images. Which characters are live and which are larger than life?


In development with a consortium of theatre companies from Scotland, Italy, Greece and Canada – The Uncertainty Principle in England is seeking money from the EC Culture Fund with Canada as the outside country. Theatre Gargantua is again our partner in this project. Investigating what feelings exist without words and how we translate them between languages and cultures. Indeed do we need language to experience certain emotional states?