Led by Artistic Director Suzie Miller The Uncertainty Principle is a theatre company established in London UK and Sydney Australia.

Aiming for a global dialogue, The Uncertainty Principle creations incorporate either movement as language, site specific forms, interactive, experiential and engaged immersion culminating in thrilling festival and event theatre – one off small pieces or large scale works – that use bodies, physicality, design, idea generation, visual projection, diversity, music and language in ways that are relevant to contemporary life and speak to a new century theatre audience.

Always underpinning any new forms with dynamic and narrative text – we aim to create challenging and relevant work that continues to collaborate with exceptional artists, and other exciting companies.

The Uncertainty Principle as a theatrical name has been borrowed from quantum physics  – ‘the process of being observed profoundly affects the very thing being observed’.

In a theatrical allegory The Uncertainty Principle theatre aims to create thoroughly dynamic, ever-evolving, formally challenging theatre which, just like the physics’ experiment observing Schrodinger’s cat, will work with the notion that having an audience fully affects the visceral magic of the work – creating a new ‘theatre of uncertainty’?